Already given a 5-star rating, but I also wanted to provide my two cents in case anyone is unsure about purchasing in Flores de Cielito. They give the utmost customer satisfaction and has good service. They deliver everything …

Jess Matthew Beltran

Fast and reliable… Just in time for my friend’s wedding anniversary. Thank you Flores De Cielito for making everything special

We were eating dinner with my family when the flowers arrived. It was a surprise gift from my family after having to spend years abroad. Thank you Flores De Cielito!

Ahmz Castaneda

I surprise somebody special by ordering at Flores De Cielito. And it never disappointed me… it was exactly what i wanted, Two thumbs up for Flores de Cielito!

Jun Rhy Crodua


  1. Garey Downey says: February 13, 2016

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