About Us

Welcome to Flores de Cielito, Inc.’s website. Here, we recognize your desire to get your emotions expressed through our unique creations of fresh flower arrangements.

If you are someone who is passionately romantic, warm and generous or just simply thoughtful, you have come to the right place. We understand that friends or relatives dear to you who have been far away for a long time need to be remembered. Our flowers somehow give that feeling that you are near them. The fresh blooms that we give would remind them of those precious moments you had together. Somehow the tangible essence of our lovely roses would bring back the pleasant memories, something that would bring a smile on their faces.

If only we could capture that moment, we would gladly send them back to you as proof that you have truly brightened up their day. Everytime we hand over our flowers with your personal message, we bear witness to the excitement, the joy, the tears and even the questions on when will you be coming back home to them. These are moments we get lumps on our throats, goosebumps and occasional tears.

At Flores de Cielito, we are glad to make this emotional connection for you that even digital technology cannot. Whatever reason you are giving the flowers.. whether it be out of love, respect or any occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, funerals, graduation, career promotion, festivities.. when things go wrong, if you want to console a bereaved family, if you wish to express regret for hurting words or failures… our flowers will speak for you and will surely seal that bond of reassurance that one is close at heart.

We are suspending our services due to pandemic brought about by the Corona Virus or COVID 19